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Ernst H. Furrer AG offers comprehensive expertise and optimum services in all aspects of process and industrial cooling as well as measuring and control technology, and the like.

Customers of Ernst H. Furrer AG benefit from having the same partner – from the planning phase, to the installation phase, to 24-hour after-sales service.

For the past several decades, Ernst H. Furrer AG has been an international leader in the design, planning, production, installation, and service

  • Standardized cooling units for water, oil and other liquids
  • Customized cooling units for all applications
  • Centralized cooling systems as turn-key projects, from the refrigerating and control system equipment to the installation of the distribution system, and commissioning

We put our collective expertise to work in developing enhanced products and services. We face the challenge of technical innovations on a daily basis, and we conduct research into state-of-the-art technologies and analyze equipment and components available on the market in order to optimize and enhance our systems and components as well as ourselves.

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