Based on its several decades of experience, Ernst H. Furrer AG can implement almost any type of centralized cooling system with coolant supply and individual devices for thermal stabilization of production machines. Our systems and devices undergo professional planning and guarantee optimum compliance with all required system parameters and customer specifications.

For development of new machine tools and production machines, our planning involves the use of components with capacity modulation and state-of-the-art energy saving circuits and monitoring systems to ensure optimized cooling devices and systems.

Depending on the application and the customer’s wishes, we plan cooling devices that enable cooling to be performed simultaneously with different media and at different temperatures - all within one device.

In order to preheat a production machine to the appropriate operating temperature before starting operation and to maintain this temperature during downtimes, a continuous-flow heater can also be planned.

At the request of the customer, we make preferential use of electrical equipment from the same company that already supplies the plant (Siemens, Klöckner-Möller, etc.)

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