ef cooling, in collaboration with its technological partners throughout the world, provides the optimum cooling system for each production plant

We plan, develop, construct and build cooling systems. In so doing, we have now solved, to date, some one thousand temperature problems, even though hardly any job was the same as any other.

We manufacture and carry out our Research & Development, Servicing, Sales and Marketing activities in Dällikon/Zurich, Switzerland. Some years ago, as part of the continuous strategy for growth, ef Productions AG was established, especially to produce mass-produced systems.

We have been developing and marketing industrial cooling systems worldwide since 1964. During this time, we have built up a network of development and technological partners, from which nowadays all our customers can benefit.

We regularly invests specifically in the development and evaluation of new technologies and products, paying particular attention to environmental friendliness, energy savings, economy and increase in quality.

ef cooling is your address for :

  • Water cooling units
  • Oil cooling units
  • Multizone cooling/heating units
  • Customer-specific and combined units
  • Cooling systems for various other media
  • Heat-recovery plants and designs
  • Free-cooling plants and designs
  • Prototypes and serial production
  • Engineering
  • Servicing and recycling

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